The Human Brain never spots working!

The Human Brain never stops working!

One organ that works or rather over works round the clock and is always taken for granted is the brain. Whether you are working, thinking or sleeping this involuntary mass of nerves, tissue and water in your skull keeps working to keep all your bodily functions intact.

While you may be exercising your body and controlling your diet to achieve desired fitness levels, you may be ignoring the health of your brain that may be under threat in these stressful times. Here are a few exercises that help you keep your brain healthy:

1. Deep breathing to calm down your brain

Stress can affect your brain functioning and affect your thinking abilities. It also causes a lot of wear and tears to this mass. A calm brain is able to carry out all its functions including healing of the body in an optimal way. In computer terms brain is the central processing unit of your body. If it is tired or over worked, your performance is going to be below par. Deep breathing exercises can help you calm down your nerves and allow your brain to function smoothly.

You may choose to practice diaphragm deep breathing or breathing through one nostril at a time. There are many variations of such deep breathing exercises that are known to have multiple health benefits apart from clearing and calming the mind.

A calm brain also helps you better access to your subconscious mind and hence helps you during self introspection and memory retrieval. Deep breathing before starting any creative activity is also a good idea to get enhanced performance.

2. Aerobic exercise to bring out more oxygen to the brain

Aerobic exercises help your brain to get the oxygen it needs

Aerobic exercises help your brain to get the oxygen it needs

Brain needs oxygen supply to function effectively. Aerobic exercises provide a fresh dash of oxygen to the brain helping it carry out it functions including memory storage and retrieval, better response to stimuli and better focus. Have you felt more active and alert after finishing an exercise session? This is because more oxygen supply to your brain helps activate its neurons and helps in better cell functioning.

3. Sports help build your motor and cognitive abilities

If you do not use your brain, it may become useless and some brain cells may start decaying. Hence the more you use or train your brain; more you enhance its performance. Sports not only bring more oxygen to the brain but the use of brain for its both cognitive as well as motor ability helps keep the brain healthy. For example during a sport like badminton, your motor abilities are put to use when you need to respond to a quick strike from the opponent. Also you cognitive abilities are put to use when you need to skilfully tire the opponent before you secure your winning shot.

Sports help your body and brain

Sports help your body and brain

Apart from the above exercises it’s important to take actions to reduce stress to improve the functioning of the brain. This can be done using yoga or meditation. Also alcohol, smoking and colas should be avoided to improve the functioning of this prized organ. The brain is working for you all the time, its important for you to do your bit to take care of the health of this vital organ!

There is still time... start planning for your retirement

There is still time… start planning for your retirement

This is a fact: in life, we make decisions that will impact our financial life later on. That’s probably how life goes – we make decisions, we make mistakes, and we take steps to correct them. We do all of these in hopes of having a comfortable life as we enjoy our golden years. But not everyone manage to get back on track – at least at that point when people are getting ready to leave the workplace for good and spend the rest of their lives engaged in their own communities. Thus, planning five years prior to retirement is recommended. If not, we still have one year to make a successful transition.

Project a Post-Retirement Financial Plan

Start this off by keeping close tabs on your spending pattern. Review old billing statements if necessary and see which ones you’ll likely to continue paying after retirement. You would find staple liabilities or payables here like loans, repairs, maintenance, food, and other types of bills.

Plan for Retirement to avoid surprises

Plan for retirement to avoid surprises

Next, think about the possible engagements you will have after retirement. It is a common belief among pre-retirees that living a life away from work means getting away from spending. But think about this: retirement is when people actually enjoy their life by doing the things they haven’t tried before. So if you plan to travel, for example, you need to ensure that you’re all covered.

Finally, since retirement age means that people are getting old, medicines and supplements are essential to preserve our bodily functions. This is where Medicare comes in. As early as now, talk to a health professional about the different entitlements involved in Medicare. And yes, don’t forget to save money in any event that you need to pay for your medicines.

Settle all Debts

While your retirement money may cover for your mortgage in the long run, settling all types of debts as possible is still ideal. Why? It’s because living debt-free opens more room for you to be financially flexible and enjoy life without worry. Settle small debts first before moving to bigger ones. Undoubtedly, mortgage might occupy a big percentage of your debts so you can look into your options after everything else is paid off.

Decide on your Social Security

Whether or not to start receiving Social Security is a dilemma for someone who is torn between the need for money and the chance to earn higher retirement credits. This dilemma is also observed especially for couples. But this might help: if you have built savings across the years, it might be wise for you to wait until the full retirement age before you start receiving from Social Security. In any event, you can file for it but request that it be suspended. Your spouse will then get spousal benefit while you accrue additional retirement credits.

Plan in advance and relax after retirement

Plan in advance and relax after retirement

You might think that it’s too early for you to prepare for retirement, but know that there will be other issues involved other than money. Retirees often feel anxious about leaving work and excited about finally going out there at the same time. The psychological effect of retirement, the legal implications of retirement, and the personal factors associated with finally living “free” are only a few of the things you need to be prepared for.

Start your business and make it stand out

Start your business and make it stand out

Making a small business stand out on social media is not an easy task. There are very many messages sent online by investors. Internet is one of the low cost methods of marketing a business and this has attracted too many people. Luckily there are some steps that you can take to succeed in business through social media. Below are easy steps to make your small business stand out on social media.

Communication is very important

To attract attention on social media users, you must communicate. This has to be two way meaning that people want to hear from your. Some people will send a message through social media and then go offline. They are not available to answer questions. Lack of response shows that you are not ready to listen and solve any problems may be having regarding your services or products. Take time to create a good relationship with people and your business will become popular online.

Respond to your clients regularly

Take your customers feedback  and make some improvements if necessary

Take your customers feedback and make some improvements if necessary

You need to stay in touch with clients, you should comment on their posts or news. You can even get a soft ware to help you manage and respond to people interested in your business. Follow or connect with them in various social media networks. By doing that they will see that you care and are interested in whatever they do on social media. This is a simple way to stand out on social media and also give your business maximum exposure.

Tell people why you want connect with them

When looking to market your small business online, you will connect with people that you have never met. You are a stranger to them and some of them may not accept your friendship. Send them a message explaining why you want to connect with them. This will make people realize that it’s actually beneficial to pursue a relationship with you. To succeed in online marketing you need to make good relationships and not just connections.

Get involved in customer care services

This refers to more than answering questions asked by your customers only. Read and comment on your customers new. This is major step towards creating warm relationship with your client. You will get to know one another online and discuss your business easily. It is one of the simple but effective ways to stand out online.

Consistency is important

Be consistent and avoid moving from social site to another. It will not work especially once people realize what you are doing. Let people know where you mostly available and you will establish strong and reliable relationships with your clients with time.

Spend enough time online

Make your presence be noticed online

Make your presence be noticed online

To stand out online, you must invest plenty of time in it. Use the 5 steps above and your presence will be felt online. Make sure you understand how to use every site to avoid account suspension. Building accounts now and then can be discouraging and also wastage of time. Begin it today and elevate your business to the next level.